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A personal blog of crazy and fervent travellers who aims at capturing the beauty of India with a vision in their eyes and focus on their camera lens. We travel to the uncaptured and unnoticed places that don’t even exist on Maps because, for us, travelling is not just a fun activity to do, but a way to peace the mind and satisfy the soul.

From Photos to Stories and Itineraries you can find here all. Let’s dive into the sea of amazing pictures and reach the depth of oceans filled with sanity.  Hear the most exotic and thrilling travel stories with us and be a part of the delightful moments that we bring to you through this blog.

Travel India with us, see the unseen and visit the uncommon. Don’t just see what we do or where we go, come along with us and live your life as a beautiful memory.

With a backpack on your shoulder, happiness in your eyes and zeal in your soul shout out to the traveller in you. Live a life that is worth telling your grandchildren. So, that when you turn 80, life is still fun!

Come be a part of us!