Exclusive Benefits Of Using A Travel Credit Card

Exclusive Benefits Of Using A Travel Credit Card 1

For a frequent traveler, experiencing world-class travel perks extended by their travel credit card offers is the best deal they can sign up for, especially for travel abroad.

You can successfully fulfill your desire to become a globetrotter with luxury. Listed below are some of the most significant benefits of using a travel credit card.

1. Airport VIP Lounge Access

Who does not enjoy VIP treatment in the most luxurious lounges across the globe, right?

As a frequent flyer, you can enjoy the lounges at various airports by using a credit card that enables you complimentary access to their services.

2. Reward Points On International Spending

Believe it or not, but your credit cards can help you save a lot on dining out abroad, or purchasing while traveling.

When you pay via your card for shopping, dining, adventure sports, and other leisure activities, it enables you to reward points that you can cash out for another spending.

3. Get Offers On Airline Tickets

Exclusive Benefits Of Using A Travel Credit Card 2One of the most prominent features of a credit card is the flyer miles associated with it.

Mostly beneficial for frequent flyers who pay unpredictable air ticket costs, redeeming these flyer miles can get them a free ticket from time to time.

4. Travel Insurance & Fraud Protection

Instead of paying for Air Accident insurance separately, you can rely on your credit card to look after it.

Credit card companies also offer fraud protection by blocking your card if stolen during your travels.

5. Convenient Personal Loan On Credit Card

In addition to the faster and easier process of getting a loan on your credit card, the lesser interest rate is also a remarkable advantage.

For instance, you can rely on getting a personal loan for traveling from service providers like MoneyTap or Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard which offer you the ability to convert your card’s limit into a personal loan.

6. Concierge Services

With your credit card, you can travel anywhere worry-free.

That is because the free-of-cost concierge services will take care of all the hotel and dining reservations, arranging tours of the cities, booking activities, and recommending porter and other essential services.

7. Hotel Discounts And Vouchers

Exclusive Benefits Of Using A Travel Credit Card 3Many credit cards have a minimum spend amount after which you become entitled to their various luxury hotel discounts and gift vouchers which you can redeem while on your next trip.

These offers reduce your accommodation charges significantly and help you save upfront.

Some Other Perks Of Using Travel Credit Cards Include:

  • Complimentary membership to airport and airline programs
  • Welcome gifts and award points upon receiving the credit card
  • Quick access reward points on spending towards airlines
  • Special discounts and customized offers on air ticket bookings for airline credit cardholders
  • Guaranteed priority check-in when flying with partner airlines
  • Increased baggage allowance without any upfront costs
  • Annual fee waiver upon achieving the yearly target spend

Choose your travel credit card after thorough research and use it regularly to enjoy the perks that it presents on your subsequent travels.


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