5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020)

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 1

There is no better way to add spontaneity to your life than to simply try something new and nothing can be more refreshing than trekking. Screw your boring routine, pack your backpacks, and go a little offbeat. Trekking is a form of walking undertaken specifically for exploring and relishing the beauty of nature. It can be an unco whirl in your monotonous routine.

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 2Climbing around boulders, rock hopping, ascending hills, or just alone walk in the lap of mountains. It is similar to meditation, you can feel the calmness and neatness to yourself. It rejuvenates the mind and enlightens the soul. Someone has rightly said, “life is better in trekking boots”.

Waterfall Trekking In India

What can be a better way to allay all your problems and fears than trekking in India? Many people from different parts of the world visit India every year for trekking. You can quench your thirst for trekking in India among the beautiful waterfalls of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.  Uttarakhand often referred to as the ‘Devbhumi’ (literally the land of Gods) is a land of untouched natural beauty.

The serene Neer Garh waterfall, also known as Neer Gaddu located in Kuee village of Rishikesh, is amazeballs for me-time or we-time with family and friends. The waterfalls here originate from the Himalayas. It is near Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula, a major tourist attraction in Uttarakhand. A series of three waterfalls make up the Neer Garh waterfalls. 

 1. Neer Garh Waterfalls-Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 3Neer Garh waterfalls are 9 km away from Rishikesh railway station and 5 km from Lakshman Jhula. From Laxman Jhula, it takes around 20min to reach the waterfalls from a taxi or bus through Neer Garh Waterfall road. You’ll find the ticket counter on your way. There are three waterfalls, the first waterfall is around 1 km away from the ticket counter.

Around half km away from the ticket counter vehicles are not allowed. You can start trekking from here. Trekking here is fairly easy and fun. You have to trek 15-20 mins continuously to reach the topmost waterfall. From the first waterfall follow the stairs up the mountain and along the stream you cross the first bridge.

Keep on climbing, you can rest on the benches on the way. Soon you’ll find the second bridge and main Neer Garh waterfall. This is the main and tallest waterfall. The water is clean and soothing, and you can enjoy the natural pool below the waterfall. On your way don’t forget to turn around and adore the views.

The trek on the mountains is mostly straight. The path is well paved and has a gradual incline that becomes steeper as you go. When you climb up a mountain, it somehow calms you down. It’s a good spot for picnics and camping. The best season to visit in the summer. It opens around 8 AM and closes in the evening.

Try to reach in the morning as the place gets crowded in the noon. The ticket fare for Indians is Rs 30 and for foreigners Rs 50. You can find food stalls on both sides of the waterfall. Hotels to stay are easily available. Don’t forget to wear water-friendly clothes. Rushing water evokes pleasant memories.

You can sit here and relax or jump in the pool and have fun. It is one of those seldom exploited places in India which allows you to cherish the beauty and revere Mother nature.

2.Chadar Trek – Frozen River & Waterfall-Zanskar, Ladakh

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 4Chadar trek is one of the most thrill-seeking treks in India. It’s a 90km walk on a frozen river. Chadar trek or Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail in Zanskar, Ladakh. This place is completely isolated from the outer world. Unlike other treks, it’s challenging and risky. It checks your stamina, endurance and mental strength

The best way to reach Ladakh is via air, as the roads are covered with snow during winters. As soon as you land on the airport the cold breeze will hit you so keep your warm clothes ready. Contact any tour guide or buy a tour package before reaching there. They’ll provide you guides, porters who’ll carry the luggage and cooks.

Best time to do this trek is January to February. The journey starts at the mountain town of Leh. The trek is over the Zanskar river which lies frozen during the winter. It is far more fascinating and enriching than you can imagine.

Chadar Trek Day-wise Itinerary:

Day 1 

There will be no vigorous activity on the first day. You need to adapt yourself in the low temp and fewer oxygen levels. Roam in the city enjoy the weather and get used to the atmosphere.

Day 2

On day 2, you’ll reach the base camp Tillad Do. You’ll face the Zanskar river here for the first time. The river will mesmerize you. You’ll have to get used to further temp drop and you have to do overnight camping beside the river. Enjoy the bonfire. The night sky will keep you spellbound, witness surreal beauty as far as you can see. 

Day 3

You have to cover a journey of 10 km from Tilad Do to Shingra Koma. 

Day 4

10 km from Shingra Koma to Tibb cave. 

Day 5

Tibb cave to Naerak. The frozen waterfall is the final destination of the trek for which you have to climb a 60-degree steep climb.

This trip is mobile camping, you’ll never know where you’ll stay at night. Carry an extra pair of clothes as you are trekking on a river. Trekking gear should be brought from home as there are not many places available at Leh during the winters where supplies can be brought. Follow the guide instructions carefully. Ice-breaking is not fun here. It’s dangerous. Better be safe than sorry. 

Chase adventure, chase joy. Let your feet wander, your eyes marvel and your soul ignite. Leave everything behind and reconnect with yourself. Do it if you want to challenge yourself and if you have the stamina to bear such cold.

3. Malana Village Tour & Trek-Himachal Pradesh 

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 5Trekking offers unexpected thrills. It’s a great stress buster. It’s scientifically proven that trekking is beneficial for health. If you’re planning to go on an offbeat destination in India. Here is a basic guide to one of the world’s oldest democracies.

Malana is an ancient village in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a solitary place in Malana Nala, a side valley of the Parvati valley to the North East of Kullu valley. Away from the mainstream, this place has its own uniqueness.

How To Reach Malana Village?

By road –  Malana is around 21kms from Kasol. The road is shadowed by beautiful mountains with greenery everywhere. Through the Malana project Dam, chowki village, crossing the tunnel and the army pull you’ll reach your destination.

By air – Kullu Manali airport in Bhuntar is the nearest airport connected with a lot of airports across India. Taxis and buses are available to the starting point of the trek. It takes around 2 hrs to reach there.

By rail – Shimla, at 106 km is the nearest railhead to Malana. You can cover the rest of the distance in a private vehicle.

Rough road and landslides are common.

Located in the dreamy surroundings of Parvati valley, this place is absolutely beautiful, the tiny hamlets and the people are equally warming. The trek starts from the main entry gate of the village. The entire trail is endowed with greenery and scenic vistas from all sides.

The trek runs across Chandrakhani pass and Malana river before entering the village atop mountains. On your way, you can find sitting spots and shops in your way selling chocolates Maggie and water bottles. There are no definite stairs so make your own way or follow others.

After 5 hours of trekking, you’ll reach the village that looks like a dreamy setup from medieval times. The village is endowed with ancient architecture and fine miniature pieces carved on the temple. Wandering aimlessly through this place is a good way to get to know it.

Guesthouses provide rooms to stay at a nominal cost. There is also a campsite towards the rear end of the village. The magic valley is a wonderful campsite to enjoy the best of nature around it. Travel, explore, click and keep your surroundings clean. 

Malana waterfalls are beautiful. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, these waterfalls will calm you down. The trek to the waterfall at the back of the village is roughly 5 km away. Some waterfalls are huge with shallow pools. The cool rushing water will boost your happiness and satisfaction.

Best time to visit this place is from June to September but to experience snowfall you can trek to Malana from Mid – December to February first week.

Villagers have their own set of laws. Any traveller travelling to this village needs to follow the rule of not touching the houses or building. If they do so they have to pay a fine to cover the Lamb’s sacrificial slaughter in order to purify the impure. Respect the culture of Malani’s they have their own rituals so be a good soul.

Cherish this trip and create memories. The scenic beauty and the peace it provides is worth the penny spent. Have more adventures in life and less stress and keep sharing your experiences with us.

4. Vazhvanthol Falls Trek-Kerala

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 6Kerala, God’s own country is a paradise. Famous for its spices, ecotourism initiatives, beautiful backwaters and unique waterfalls. This place can give you the feel of a dreamland. Kerala is the ultimate source of an ethnic beauty and among its landmarks, Vazhvanthol falls is one of the most astounding places.

Vazhvanthol falls near Vithura in Kerala, should be in your getaway spot list if you want to experience wilderness and adventure and cleanse your mind from all the chaos.

How To Reach Vazhvanthol falls?

Vazhvanthol falls are located near Vithura, around 37km away from Thiruvananthapuram on the way to Bonacaud.

The distance of Vithura from Thiruvananthapuram

By road– 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram town

By rail – 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram railway station

By air – 50 km From Thiruvananthapuram airport

From Trivandrum one needs to travel via Nedumangad, Chullimanoor, Vithura, Bonacaud road by taking right deviation after Vithura. It opens around 9 am in the morning. During noon they do not allow entry so better go in the morning.

The trek begins at the Kanithadam check post where you can get the tickets. You have to pay Rs 1000 for tickets of 10 members or less than 10 members. It opens around 9 am in the morning. During noon they do not allow entry so better go in the morning.

The trip is a combination of trekking, climbing and swimming. One guide will be with you, that is included in the group from the tourism department. From the check post, you drive a little ahead. Parking facilities are available there but it is a paid service.

The waterfall is around 2.5km to 3 km from the check post. From the parking lot, you can start your trekking. Initially, the path is easier and after some time you would see steeps. It will take about an hour to reach the waterfall from here.

You have to pay Rs 500 for the plastic items you’re carrying as security which is refundable when you are back. More than half of the trek is through a forest and plain terrain. Gear up yourself and enjoy the trek. On the way there is an eye-shaped cave called” Kannadi app”, you can rest there for some time.

To see the waterfall you need to climb up. You’ll find two waterfalls there, one at the top is a real wow. You can rest near the top waterfall or come back and swim around the lower waterfall.

Pool water is fresh and cool. You can take a bath in the safe spots in the waterfall under your tour guide guidance. Let the shimmery water hit your head and refresh your soul. Be careful of slippery rocks while trekking.

The best season to visit is from August to December as there will be plenty of water in the stream. The glory of the falls can only be seen in monsoon. It will be a wonderful experience for trek lovers. Take your food and water along. Liquor is not allowed there. Be careful not to disturb the rhythm of nature by dumping the trash. 

It’s one of the best places to hang out with family and friends. Paradise is here or nowhere. Feel the nature in its pure form and fall in love with the moments. Be an aesthete. Enjoy the trip and share your experiences with us.

5. Devkund Waterfall Trek-Maharashtra

5 Best Waterfall Treks In India (2020) 7Wandering can be gratifying but roaming across a forest, crossing rivers, climbing steep and exploring a waterfall can get your blood racing and if you desire for such an experience at a friendly spot then the Devkund waterfall should be on the top of your list. This is a place where you can enjoy the journey without worrying about the destination.

How To Reach Devkund Falls?

Devkund waterfall located near Bhira in the Patnus region of Maharashtra is a plunge waterfall. This has been the most favoured trekking spot of Mumbaikars. Situated near Andharban Trek in the Sahyadri range of western ghat, it is the fountainhead of the Kundalika river.

Distance between Bhira to Pune is 99km by road with a driving time of 3hrs and 30 mins and from Mumbai it is 129 km away with a duration of 2hrs 35 min. There is no direct train to Bhira from Pune or Mumbai. Kolad station is perhaps nearest to the spot with a distance of 46 km from Bhira.

You can hire private vehicles from the station till Bhira village. The TATA power plant near Bhira dam is a major landmark of the village. A guide is required as there is a dense forest in the way. Local guides may charge a fee of Rs 100 to Rs 300. A campsite is available in the nearby village. Although, they charge a lot, Rs 1200 per head you can still bargain.

It is a three-hour trek from the base village along the dam backwaters and through semi-dried forests with the river running parallel and sometimes crisscrossing the path. There is a single route to Devkund with markings and direction boards in the way.

The trail begins from the open parking area at Bhira. In the first half-hour, the trail goes alongside the Bhira dam reservoir and then advances further into the forest. On your way, you have to cross 2 streams separated by a distance of around 20 mins.

Post the completion of the climb, the trail opens up to a rocky patch, 10 mins walk through the rocks bring you directly in front of the waterfall.

The waterfall flows in between two deep mountains due to which it remains hidden until you reach there. It receives its water from the plus valley situated at Tamhini ghat. It lies at appx 270m above sea level. Most of the time water remains icy cold due to blockage of sunlight by mountains.

The waterfall in Devkund has crystal clear water. A few years back, this place was completely unexplored and unknown to the rest of the world but now it remains crowded most of the time. The best time to visit this place in October.

During monsoon, it’s unsafe to visit as the water volume increases very quickly. Wear covered clothes to avoid mosquitoes and insects and don’t forget to carry raincoats and hats as the forest is dense and rainfall is quite frequent.

Overall, Devkund is a beautiful waterfall and the trek is engaging. It is certainly a must-do trek in Maharashtra. Explore the place, greet nature and share your exhilarating experiences with us.

There are many other places to explore in India where the climb to the top is worth the view.

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