Binsar, Uttarakhand – A Fascinating Breakthrough.

Binsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 1

Binsar is a small town in Uttarakhand. It is known for the phantasmagoric splendour of the snow-coated Himalayan peaks. Binsar is home to multiple plant species, wildlife, temples and peculiar birds.

Binsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 2

Zero Point is a Trekkers Paradise that imparts a 360 view of the Himalayan ranges. Sunrise and sunset here are astonishingly scarce.

Binsar is an adventure lovers spot. The wildlife and nature in Binsar are highly stunning.  Covered with Oak, Pine and Deodar trees makes Binsar a lush green forest. In every corner of Binsar, chirping of birds can be easily overheard.

How To Reach Binsar: 

By Rail:

Kathgodam is the closest railway station. Your next destination should be Almora from there Binsar is fairly 33 Km away. 

By Air :

If you want to travel by air, Pantnagar is the nearest airport. From Pantnagar, you have to take a cab to Binsar. It will take less than 5 hours to reach Binsar. 

By Road :

Binsar is connected by major road routes. From ISBT, Delhi you can easily catch a bus. If you are travelling in your own car, it will take 9-10 hours to reach Binsar.

Best Time To Visit Binsar:

Binsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 3Weather in Binsar is steady over the span of years. Summers are excellent for trekking and exploring nature while winters are marvellous for snowfall. The superior time to visit Binsar would be from mid-October till March.

 The monsoon season in Binsar is the best time to visit the hill station. The months of June to September receive a standard amount of rainfall which only adds more beauty to the place. Despite that, the mid monsoon months invite landslides which can be disastrous, hence avoiding Binsar during mid-monsoon is beneficial.

Where To Stay:

As there are limited places to stay, camping is much preferable.  Also, there are  5-Star and 3-Star hotels available from which you can select as your expectations.

If you are eager to escape the affluent service you can try the local hotels which are much pleasing.

Eateries in Binsar: 

Leaving Binsar without tasting the local cuisines is a bit unavailing. You should rebelliously try Aloo Ke Gutke, Bhatt Ki Dal, Palak Ka Khapa and Kumaoni Raita. These dishes are easily available at Hotels and the Local Eateries. 

Places To Visit In Binsar :

1. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Another well-known masterpiece in Binsar is the Wildlife Sanctuary.Binsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 4

This sanctuary has made everyone fall in love with its natural attire. The sanctuary itself has about 200 species of birds. 

Leopard, musk deer, chital deer, jungle cats,  black bear, red fox, langur, flying squirrel and a whole lot of species can be easily spotted. 

The speciality of this sanctuary is that there is no safari(rides) you have to drive on your own. Exploring the forest is only possible on your foot rather than on tires. 

2. Bineshwar Temple:

Bineshwar Temple is built the 16th-century  by King Kalyan Chand of the Chand Dynasty and is famous for its architectural magnificence. 

3. Golu Devata Temple:


Notorious temples of Kumaon, the  Golu Devta Temple is located abBinsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 5out 2 km from the main gate of Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

At Dana Golu, you can notice the ancient temple of Golu Devta. The temple present clothes, turban, and shawl in white colour to the deity as a token of love and respect for the lord.

Lord Golu Devta observed as the ‘Lord of Justice’ is considered to be the incarnation of Gaur Bhairav.

4. Zero Point: 

The Zero Point view tower trek is the ordinary one which anyone staying in the forest rest house can prosecute. It is a walk of only around 2 kilometres and takes 2 hours for completion.

Binsar, Uttarakhand - A Fascinating Breakthrough. 6

A 360 view of Himalaya can be easily seen from the top.

The breath-taking view of snow-covered Himalayas is a magnetism for us to visit Binsar again and again. Binsar is the place where you are vigorously connected with nature. The chirping of birds might be less in a metropolitan city but Binsar conserves it.

Strikingly Binsar is an enchanted voyage.

Happy Travelling!

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