Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 1

The city of Madurai is also known for its divine Meenakshi temple. The city has been made in the shape of a lotus surrounding the popular temple. It is often called the, “Athens of the East”.

A city like Madurai consists of so much ancient history to be seen everywhere. Known as the cultural capital in Tamil Nadu, national and international visitors come to see this beautiful location every year. 

The Real Tranquil Retreat A Person Needs, Here At Madurai! 

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 2

Wanting to get away from the city and the ever-going crowds? Madurai is known as the cultural capital for a reason.

It offers many places for you to explore and a city that never sleeps but ironically, lets you sleep ever too peacefully. 

From the Meenakshi Temple Madurai to the Samanar Hills to the Gandhi Museum and so much more!

Cannot wait to see everything, right?

Well, there are a lot of destinations for one to visit in this holy city of Madurai and we recommend you do not miss out on anything on your visit! 

 There is just so much history, art and beauty in a city like Madurai that one simply cannot skip it! 

How To Reach Madurai?

By Air: 

The main airport of the city Madurai is just 10km away and connects to all major parts of the country as well. Taxis are available from the airports to the cities. The nearest international airport would be in Chennai.

By Train:

Trains are coming to Madurai from all parts of India. Moreover, there is an express train from Chennai as well. A normal journey from Chennai to Madurai would take you around 8 hours. 

By Road: 

The cultural city is well connected with the other parts of southern India. There is a bus terminus only 6kms away from the city. Air-conditioned as well as non-air conditioned buses are available for travel. 

Places To Visit In Madurai:

1.Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 3

Want to experience the true Tamil culture? Then head over to this spiritual temple where worshippers travel from all over the world to view the architectural beauty. Goddess Meenakshi is also said to be an avatar of Goddess Parvati. 

This is a sacred holy place for couples to get married because it is believed in history that Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati tied the knot in this very temple. 

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Thus, you will always find long lines of couples waiting to get married at this temple, since it is believed to be a good omen and sign.  

This temple was also once a part of the seven wonders of the world. Adding elegance to its Dravidian architecture and designs, you cannot miss this beautiful temple if you are in Madurai. 

2.Saint Mary’s Cathedral 

A mix of variant cultural backgrounds and architecture shows that the Saint Mary’s Cathedral has Roman, European and Continental designs. 

This place is a must-visit for those seeking utter calmness and peace. The aura and ambiance felt here as soon as you enter is felt instantly! 

3.Thirumalai Nayak Palace

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 4

One of the historical places you must not miss if you are ever at Madurai! The eye-opening interiors and the Indo-Dravidian carvings and structure is what adds the special X factor to this palace. 

Built-in the 16th century, this is considered as an important place for Tamil Nadu. 

4.Jain Caves – Only if you’re ready for a hike!

As the name states, there are Jain sculptures and near there, Keelakuilkudi village is where the artisans and potters reside.

Walkthrough this village and you shall see the many mud horses and the marvelous Jain sculptures being built! 

After exploring the village, right behind it resides the granite hills known as Samanar Hills. This beautiful location is quite popular for its beautiful carvings. There is also a beautiful lotus temple inside this destination. 

5.Gandhi Memorial Museum

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 5

Dedicated to the “Father of our Nation”, Mahatma Gandhi, this is a museum which holds many of his historical belongings. This is a memorial gallery to pay special tributes to him by storing the artifacts.

 The blood-stained dhoti which he was wearing when he was assassinated is also exhibited in this museum. 


Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 6

Famous for the Murugan Temple, this is known as one of the six abodes of Lord Murugan. Dravidian and rock-cut architecture can be seen here in this delicate piece of art. 

This Murugan temple in Madurai is another such destination that people should not miss as it makes you feel like you are part of the history. 

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7.Vaigai Dam

A human-made marvel to nature is the Vaigai Dam! This is constructed over the River Vaigai near the Southern district of Tamil Nadu. This is known to be a famous picnic spot by travelers and visitors.

There is a splendid view of the sunrise, sunset and an astonishing scenic view overall. Moreover, there is a Brindavan which holds exotic flowers and plants for people to see and enjoy nearby.

 On their way to different areas, people often stop here to refresh themselves in the true means of nature! 

8.Madurai AlagarMadurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 7

Another temple which would be a must-visit if you are in the vicinity is the Alagar Koli Temple.

It is exquisite and also known as the resting place of the sacred Lord Vishnu. Devotees come here to worship and pray here from all over. 

Things To Do In Madurai City: 

1.Banana Market:

Well, certainly have to try bananas if you have come to South India. Madurai has a very unique wholesale banana market where one can find 16 different varieties! Can you believe it? 16?! 

Well, it’s true but you gotta try it out yourself! 

2.Food In Madurai:

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 8The food of Madurai is as popular as the city itself. People come from places just to have food here.

A specific shop which is quite popular is MURUGAN IDLI SHOP! This shop is quite famous among the travellers as well since it follows good norms of hygiene. 

3.Cycle-Rickshaw Tour: 

Madurai is a beautiful city in every way and it never sleeps. Tourists coming from different parts of India and the world are mesmerized with the hand-rickshaws and the bicycle-rickshaws that are used to give them a ride and to show them around the town. People simply love all these experiences!  

4.Potter Village:

Have you ever tried your hand at pottery?

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 9

Well, it’s never too late to try, try your hand here at this pottery village. Do not miss this as it is a one of a kind life experience which many people enjoy thoroughly. 

Mouth-Watering Treats To Not Miss! 

One can visit this city just for the food. It is too delicious for anyone to miss if you are in Madurai! Madurai special delicacies would be piping hot feather-soft idlis and crunchy brown dosas. 

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Enjoy your food on a banana leaf and feel the ultimate taste of India right at your fingertips with the Sambhar and the dosa!!

Best Time To Visit Madurai:

Madurai-“Athens Of The East?” City Guide 2020 10

The best time to visit the mythical and soulful city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai, is in winters, especially through the months of December to February.

On the other hand, in the summer, the hot tropical climate takes over the city and thus, the number of tourists decreases by a large number.

Flocks can be seen in the winter months. 

Many people can also be seen in huge numbers throughout the year at the temple of Madurai popularly known as the Meenakshi Temple India. 

FAQs About Madurai:

Q. How many days would you require to visit Madurai?

One would require full days during their visits to cover everything. Also, you would require a few additional days to visit the places near Madurai like Narasingham, Alagar Koli, etc, 

Q. What are some things to buy from Madurai?

Handicrafts, Metals, Bronze and Aluminium vessels to be bought at the famous Puthu Mandapam, sarees, bangles, jasmine flowers, halwa and so much more. 

Q. What would be the budget required to travel to Madurai?

Approximately INR 5000 for a 2D/1N trip to INR 8750 for a 3D/2N trip. 

Q. Can we take pictures and carry our cameras?

You can surely carry your camera or phones, but do remember photography and videography are prohibited inside the locations. Hence, you might not want to carry them to cause less hassle for you.

Q. Will elders and young children be able to eat the food there?

It is definitely enjoyable and much like a 20-course meal. However, it is much like any Indian delicacy with the touch of the South.

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