Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 1

The ringing bells of Pattadakal is a display of Vedic and puranic concepts that can be seen here.

A mixture of history and mythology, the temples and architectural structures are found to be dated back to the 7th and 8th century CE. It is also known as Raktapur because of its valley of red soil and for being a city of red soil. 

Pattadakal- Remarkable Scenes From Mythology & History Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out Upon Visiting! 

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 2

Pattadakal is set in between the beautiful and majestic Malaprabha river valley and the sandstone mountains, this is a place to visit! Moreover, the fact that it is on UNESCO’S Heritage Site List, makes it all the more pleasing to tourists.

A small village filled with many temples that are a part of history and can be seen to depict the many stories of Ramayana and Mahabharat as well as many splendid carvings of Nataraja, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and many more. 

Who built the temples at Aihole-Badami and Pattadakal?

The Chalukya Empire built the temple region in all these places in historical India. More than 150 temples were built in these regions by the Chalukya Dynasty and Badami is known as the Rock Cut Cave Temples.

How To Reach Pattadakal?

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 3Pattadakal is located in Karnataka and is well connected to places by roads. It is accessible from all parts of the country.  

By Air:

Belgaum Airport is the nearest airport which is located at about 180km from Pattadakal. Flights from Mumbai and Chennai can be accessible to fly till Belgaum. 

The nearest international airport is in Bengaluru. 

By Train:

The nearest train station is 22km away from Pattadakal. Trains come in from Ahmedabad and Solapur and one can even hire taxis and cabs or even board a bus to reach Pattadakal from here. 

By Road: 

Roads are easily accessible to Pattadakal and well-connected to places like Bengaluru, Hugli, and many more. 

The City Of Red Is A Must Visit For Historical Enthusiasts! 

Places To Visit In Pattadakal:

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 4

A group of monuments at Pattadakal, Unesco World Heritage Site, and hence, this attracts a lot of tourists every year.

If you are a historical enthusiast who has a keen interest in visiting pieces of art from back in the 7th and 8th century, then this is a place you cannot miss! 

 Inside the Virupaksha Temple Complex, many temples have been through the ages. 

1.Pattadakal River

The Malaprabha River was known as an auspicious place for people to worship the gods. 

This beautiful scenery should not be missed if you are in Pattadakal! 

 2.Virupaksha Temple

Various stones and sculptures are made in this temple which depicts many stories from the past! It is a wonder of the past! 

History reveals that this was built back in the 8th century for the win of Vikramaditya 2nd against the Pallavas. 

The towers of this temple showcase Dravidian styles and are a worshipping place for Lord Shiva. 

3.Galganatha Temple

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 5

Beautiful carvings of Lord Shiva, Ganga and Yamuna can be found here. All these temples were built by the Chalukya Dynasty. This is just one of the temples in the Virupaksha Temple Complex. 

4.Papanatha Temple

Also, a temple that dates back to the 7th century and is dedicated to worship Lord Shiva. It is beautifully sculpted and one of the oldest temples.

Many carvings can be seen to depict stories of the Mahabharat and the Ramayana. 

This is an exquisite piece of history and one should not miss out on this! 

5.Mallikarjuna Temple, Pattadakal

Known as one of the biggest temples in the Virupaksha Temple Complex and this temple has a dome-like structure at the top and is extravagantly decorated with many carvings from the Indian mythological stories like the Mahabharat and the Ramayana. 

It also has carvings of stories of Lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. An amazing picture of Narasimha killing another being can be seen at the entrance. It is a sight to capture, do not miss out! 

6.Jaina Temple

Pattadakal-The City Of Red: Best Travel Guide & Planner In 2020 6

Built-in the 9th century following the Dravidian style of architecture, this small temple is a little farther away from the group of temples namely known as the Virupaksha Temple Complex. 

This heritage place was constructed by the Jains and was considered to be a place for worship. 

7.Sangameshwara Temple, Pattadakal

Also built in the 7th century by King VijayAditya, this monument was built in a Dravidian style as well. 

This temple is considered to be the oldest form of all the temples that are in this complex. 

Many carvings and pictures of the Nataraja can be seen here. The beautiful sculpting and artistic approaches are appreciated widely by tourists. 

8.Kashivishveshvar Shiva Temple


Tiny but intricate and exquisite architecture and styling are what sets this temple apart from the others in terms of beauty and craftsmanship. 

Worth a thousand pictures and worth a visit for sure!

Best Time To Visit Pattadakal

The best time to visit the town of Pattadakal in Karnataka is between October and March. 

The weather is said to be very pleasant during these months. 

The months through July and September also attract a lot of visitors as it is the monsoon season and everything is beautiful here! 

Fairs and Festivals In Pattadakal

In January, a classical dance festival is held where participants come from different parts of India to view this display and celebration of art, dance, and culture.  

A car festival is also carried out in the Virupaksha Temple Complex. This is held in March every year and is a huge attraction for many people. 

FAQs About Pattadakal:

  • Which is the main temple in Pattadakal?

The main temple in Pattadakal is the Virupaksha Temple. 

  • What should one carry when travelling here?

Carry a hat or a cap if you are travelling in the summer season. 

Since you will be travelling to temples and historical and cultural places, please make sure you are covered and dressed appropriately/

Moreover, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and always carry water. The shops are not so nearby so it is easier to always have drinking water with you. 

  • What are some of the nearby villages and towns to visit?

Aihole also is known as the city of temples in Karnataka is a must-visit. Furthermore, Badami is also a famous tourist attraction. 

  • What are the Pattadakal opening hours or the Pattadakal timings to visit the Group of Monuments?  

This consists of a majority of the temples that are situated inside the Virupaksha Temple Complex. 

They are open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm 

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