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Are you headed for trekking as a beginner?  Willing to enjoy your weekend trip? Well, Why not to visit Nag Tibba Trek which is a spectacular expedition.

Where is Nag Tibba Trek situated?

Nag Tibba Trek-Weekend Getaway From Dehradun 2Nag Tibba Trek is situated in the vicinity of Mussoorie. Nag Tibba Trek is known as Serpents Peak and is one of the famous weekend trecks. With 9,915 ft peak altitude, it is wholly adequate for beginners and children, possessing no threat of altitude sickness. Nag Tibba experiences invigorating weather throughout the year. The trek duration is mostly 2 days.

How To Reach?

By Train :  

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is appropriate for as it is in the vicinity. Firstly Delhi is the first destination if you live outside Delhi. It will take less than an hour. The typical cost of tickets starts from INR 2500(Depending on the brands you choose).

By Car : 

Travelling by road consumes about a minimum of 5 hours. Bus services are available from Delhi. You can also opt for travelling in your own car.

By Train :

Travelling by trains is much nuisance free. The fare usually starts from INR 350. Janshtbdi is the fastest train. 

Activities in Nag Tibba Trek: 

Nag Tibba Trek-Weekend Getaway From Dehradun 3Trekking: Spending hours climbing, and ascending the hills gives your body the tremendous workout, improving your strength, agility and cardio fitness. The route goes through a thick cedar forest. The total trek distance is 19 Km. 

Photography: For a photographer, Nag Tibba is the foremost destination. You can capture the mountains, hills, the downside view and the dark sky lit by the stars. 

Camping: Nag Tibba Trek has no accommodation features, concluding that you will be staying in the lap of nature(Camping). Camping under the clear sky with bonfire next to you is a tremendous feeling.

Staying in Nag Tibba Trek:

Nag Tibba Trek-Weekend Getaway From Dehradun 4

Why does anyone need a comfortable bed while trekking? Nag Tibba Trek has no hotels. Completely beneficial to some of us, who like camping. Travellers usually bring their own camping stuff or you can also buy(At Stations). One can locate a few guesthouses but the vibe of trekking fades away.

Make sure you know how to build a tent, or else you’ll end up till night building a tent. Don’t forget to examine the place where you are constructing your tent. 

If you’re with some trekking groups the guides will end up doing most of the work.

There are two regions where you can plant your tent : 

  • The Goat Village.
  • Nag-Tibba base camps.

Food Guide:

Carry your own food and plenty of water. There are no stalls up there on the trek. Carry some snacks as a short hunger. Finding water can be a bit arduous. It is advisable that you carry as much as water supplies. 

Best time to visit:

Nag Tibba Trek-Weekend Getaway From Dehradun 5Trekking can be easily done in between February till mid-June and mid-September to end-November. If you are headed for a snow trek, visit in the last week of December. 

Weather in Nag Tibba:

During winter the weather gets colder and colder and snow can be spotted everywhere. The higher mountains are dresses up with snow from January to March. 

Summers(April, May, June):

Summers in Nag Tibba is extremely pleasing. The temperature rises during the day time and drastically falls in the course of sunset. 

Monsoons(July, August, Mid-September): 

It is extremely beautiful to observe the trek while it is raining. The shortcoming is that it is much difficult to camp in monsoon. 

Winters(December, January, February):

If you’re planning to trek in the snow, winters are suitable for you. During winters the temperature drops significantly. Do carry sweaters. 

Tips for Beginners(Trekking): 

  • Begin with small treks.
  • Examine the weather conditions.
  • Carry only essentials, don’t put a toll on your back.
  • Carry a proper pair of shoes(Trekking Shoes or Hiking Shoes)
  • Don’t be speedy, go slow.
  • Carry sunglasses, protect your self from UV rays.

Essentials to Carry:

  • Lightweight Backpack.
  • Clothing.
  • Food.
  • First-aid supplies.
  • Matchsticks, candles or even a lighter(to lit up the fire).
  • Water(extra storage of hydration is a must).
  • Tent.
  • Energy bars(they do help).
  • Torch or flashlight(in case your cell phone is dead).

Nag Tibba Temple :

There is a temple up there dedicated to Nag Devta and the name resembles “Snake”. In Hindu mythology Snakes have exceptional relevance. According to mythology snakes are reviewed as the portrayal of rebirth, death and deadliness. 

Why visit Nag Tibba Trek?

Nag Tibba Trek-Weekend Getaway From Dehradun 6Trekking reduces stress and improves cardiovascular strength. While trekking you constantly meet new people enlarging your social circle. Once the mountain is defeated you consume a lot of self-confidence inside you. While you have accomplished the mountain, the top view is worth all the hard work. 

Nag Tibba Trek is an easy option you can choose while also exploring the Himalayas.  

Are you able to challenge your own self-esteem to climb the mountain just to view the incredible sunrise?

You just need a spark to enlighten the fire in you and in the end, you will believe that the Nag Tibba Trek is indeed a spectacular expedition.

Happy Trekking.

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