Winter Line: A Rare-Vivid Phenomenon Of Nature

Unlike the other natural phenomenons, Winter Line is one of the rare natural phenomena that is amazing than the others. It is simply an atmospheric or can say a sky phenomenon which leads to the formation of the second horizon (a line that separates the sky from the earth) in the sky during the sunset.

Winter Line: A Rare-Vivid Phenomenon Of Nature 1

This word ‘Winter Line’ means the formation of a line, known as the horizon, especially in the winter season. This phenomenon gives a vivid impression of the beauty of nature. Moreover, the sunset time greatly increases the beauty of this phenomenon. A look of this phenomenon can be seen in the below picture:

What causes the Winter Line?  

According to some researchers, it is claimed that the Winter Line is formed due to the refraction of the sunlight at a particular angle. And it can be seen only from the mountains having a long valley extending toward the west. While some researchers say that this phenomenon is caused due to the warm air,i.e, When the warm air rises as a result of certain activities like cooking, bonfire, etc.

Then, it carries some dust particles along with it towards the sky. And when this warm air meets with the cold air of the sky, coming from the various Mountains, then it leads to the formation of the second horizon, which is known as Winter Line.

Also, the Director of Uttrakhand Meteorological Department, Mr Anand Sharma stated that certain atmospheric conditions are required along with less moisture and haze for the formation of a clear Winter Line. And that’s a clear reason why this rare Phenomenon can’t be seen during the summer season.

Where Does Winterline Often Occur?

Winter Line: A Rare-Vivid Phenomenon Of Nature 2

As stated above, the Winter Line phenomenon can be seen through the mountains having a haze-free, long extending valley towards the west. The two most famous places for witnessing this mind-stunning view are Uttrakhand (India) and Switzerland.

The hills of Mussoorie in Uttrakhand and the Alps in Switzerland are very-well known places to get a clear view of the Winter Line.  The mountain ranges of the Uttrakhand are perfect to experience this rare phenomenon. Thus, if you are looking to experience this mind stunning view, then Uttrakhand is not bad for that.

Best Time To Experience Winterline:

As this rare phenomenon occurs in the winter season, therefore the best time for experiencing it is in October to January. However, this Winter Line forms only at the sunset time and therefore the exact time for viewing this phenomenon can’t be predicted.

Moreover, various other factors are responsible for this phenomenon. Moisture, haze, temperature, weather, etc. are the other factors, responsible for the occurrence of the Winter Line phenomenon. Therefore, it can’t be assured that when this phenomenon is likely to occur, which made it a rare phenomenon.

Winter Line Carnival, Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)

Winter Line: A Rare-Vivid Phenomenon Of Nature 3

To create awareness about this rare natural phenomenon, the Mussoorie carnival has been started in Uttrakhand. It is usually celebrated in the last week of December month. In this festival, one can enjoy the beauty of art, cultures, and traditions of the Uttrakhand.

This carnival is jointly organized by the three main bodies: Ministry of tourism and culture, Government of Uttrakhand and The city board of Mussoorie.

Here, you can enjoy the winter sports along with the rhythmic music, mouth-watering food and much more! Therefore, you should pay a visit to this carnival at least once and enjoy the beauty of this carnival. Various tourists come over here to enjoy this carnival festival in addition to the Winter Line phenomenon. 

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