Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 1

The world has a lot of spiritual places but only some express the true meaning of spirituality.

One amongst these wonders is Khajuraho Temple. Built-in 970ce by Chandela, Khajuraho Temple or Khajuraho Ka Mandir is one of the coolest places to visit in India.

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 2

Surprisingly it is the second most visited place in India by tourists and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. It is surrounded by lush greenery and huge monuments and artefacts, that just makes you feel so alive. 

The power that a person feels while entering this temple cannot be explained by mere words. You really have to visit this place to truly understand the motive behind this place.

Every temple has carvings and nude pictures of the Kamasutra that will make desires come up in your minds which only lasts for a few moments.

The true magic behind this place is revealed when you enter the temples with an empty soul. The tranquillity is just so mesmerizing that you’ll fall in love forever. 

How to Reach Khajuraho Temple?

By Air:- The Khajuraho airport is also known as the Civil Aerodrome Khajuraho is just 6 km away from the City Centre. It is a small domestic airport with all the basic facilities and has daily flights from Delhi and Varanasi. Autos and Taxis can be found outside the airport.

By Road:- Khajuraho is connected well by all the major cities in Madhya Pradesh. The road connectivity is excellent and you can also travel by the MP tourism buses that connect from various cities in and around Madhya Pradesh like Satna (116 km), Mahoba (70 km), Jhansi (230 km), Gwalior (280 km), Bhopal (375 km) and Indore (575 km). Khajuraho is connected by NH75 from all these cities.

By Train:- Khajuraho does have its own railway station but is not connected well with all the other cites in India. The second major railway station Mahoba which is located 75km from Khajuraho also connects the major railway stations.

  • There is a regular train called the Khajuraho- Hazrat Nizamuddin Express that originates from Delhi and takes around 11 hours to reach. 
  • Train No. 54161 Khajuraho- Kanpur Central Passenger which runs daily takes around 7 hours to reach Kanpur Central from Khajuraho.
  • Train No. 19665 Khajuraho- Udaipur City Express which also runs daily takes around 22 hours to reach Udaipur Central from Khajuraho.

Accommodation:- Khajuraho has a wide variety of hotels ranging from the Top class 5 star resorts and hotels as well as budget-friendly and cheap hotels if you want to save some money.

If you are a solo traveller on an adventure you can try the Khajuraho Zostel hostel at a cheap price with basic amenities.

Top Sights To Visit and Things To Do In Khajuraho Temple:

1.Kandariya Mahadeva Temple:-

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 3This temple is the largest temple in the temple group of Khajuraho and is considered one of the best examples of temples preserved from medieval times. The temple is also known as Kandariya Mahadeva Mandir which means “ the great god of the cave “ glorifies Lord Shiva as the chief deity.

2.Lakshmana Temple:-

This temple appears to be similar to the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, however, this is the largest and the oldest temple in the Western Group of Temples. The carved statues and the adhisthana (lower platform) will fill your hearts with joy and satisfaction.

3.Matangeshwar Temple:-

Unlike all the other temples, this temple has its own speciality. It may not have any exotic statues or decors but its shrine offers an eight-foot long Shiva Linga that is the highest Lingam in entire North India and is made completely out of Yellow Sandstone.

4.Adinath Temple:-

With the carvings of Yakshis, which are female mythological beings on the walls, Adinath temple is the place where you can roam around and enjoy the beautiful scriptures and carvings. This temple is surrounded by gardens on every side and is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Adinath.

5.Javari Temple:-

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 4This temple is one of the most alluring temples of all as it is surrounded by drawings and illustrations of various godly figures. Some say this temple is not dedicated to any Hindu deity but some also say that this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

6.Panna National Park:-

Just a few miles away from Khajuraho, you will reach a destination that is filled with the most beautiful species of animals on this planet.

It is a must-visit Tiger Reserve where you can find hyenas, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, and many more species alongside the majestic river Ken that adds an extra touch to this sanctuary.  

7.Raneh Falls:-

Just a 30-minute drive from the temple, you will come to a place that will make you go crazy. This waterfall will make your heart pound much faster as during monsoons crystal clear water would be flowing into your hearts. Alongside the waterfalls, the rocks are also made of granite that appears like a series of crystal towers. 

8.Ken Gharial Sanctuary:-

Just a 5km drive from the waterfalls, you will reach a place that is home to the most inquisitive creature on this planet that is the Gharial or the fish-eating crocodile.

You can spot the tiger, spotted dears as well as a wide variety of birds, and if you are lucky you may get to see the Shaheen Falcon.

9.Ajaigarh Fort:-

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 5Approximately 206 meters in altitude and in the high Vindhya Mountain Ranges, this fort offers a breathtaking sight of the Panna National Park and the Ken Sanctuary on a bright sunny day.

The fort also glorifies as an example of fine Chandela architecture but most of it is just ruins. Even though people can experience the way of life that was followed during medieval times.

10.Beni Sagar Dam:-

Just a kilometre away from the Khajuraho Railway Station, another scenic spot blows away the minds of tourists. Surrounded by greenery and a soothing environment, it is the favourite spot of families for a picnic. The comforting ambience soothes the mind of every person who visits this place.

11.Archaeological Museum Khajuraho:-

Originally built by W.A Jardine in the 1910s and then newly constructed in the year 2016, this museum is on the northern side of the temples. This place offers a rare collection of architecture, sculptures, and galleries of the Chandela dynasty, a wonderland for historians and tourists. 

12.Jain Museum:-

Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain Kala Sangrahalaya or simply the Jain Museum is a place where you will find things that are associated with the Jain culture.

It was bulti in the 1980s and ever since it has been a hotspot for tourists, historians, and children for educational tours. This museum offers scriptures of Yakshis and Jain culture.

13.The sound and light show in Khajuraho:-

If you are planning for a stay in Khajuraho, then you must attend the sound and light show that Khajuraho offers in the western group of temples. The show offers flattering tunes of Indian classical music and dance which would take your breath away. The entry fees are 120 ( Indians ) and 400 ( foreigners).

14.The mouth-watering street food of Khajuraho:-

From Jalebis to Samosas and patties to dumplings, Khajuraho offers a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies from all over India.

In fact, be sure to visit the Jain Temple street for some cheap and delicious snacks and the neon yellow bulbs that glow during the night that truly bring out the colours for an amazing experience.

15.The old towns of Khajuraho:-

Khajuraho has two sides, but the one that must not be missed is the Khajura Vaahaka or the old Khajuraho town. If you truly want to experience the lifestyle and culture of Khajuraho, this place is a must-visit as it gives out a rustic appeal with mud houses and cracks on wooden doors. This place is definitely a paradise for travellers and explorers. 

Interesting Facts About The Khajuraho Temple

Khajuraho Temple: How To Reach? Places To Visit, Things To Do In 2020 6

The Khajuraho group of temples is a group of Hindu and Jain temples that are famous for its Nagara Style Architecture and erotic sculptures and carvings.

It is located in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh and is about 175 km southeast of Jhansi. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Now let’s find out some interesting facts about these temples:- 

  1. During ancient times Khajuraho was called Khajjurpura which was derived from the Hindi word “ Khajur “ meaning “ Dates “. 
  2. The Khajuraho temples are built out of sandstones with various shades of pink, buff, and yellow. During the medieval period, there were a total of 85 temples out of which only 22 remain as most of the temples were ruined due to natural calamities.
  3. Many people believe that  Khajuraho is a place that portrays erotic and sensual sculptures but did you know only 10% of these sculptures are sensual rest of them are just statues and portrays of local farmers and villagers.
  4. The Archaeological Survey of India has also ranked Khajuraho as the best-preserved monuments of antiquity. The rooms inside these temples have an entrance, a hall, a sanctum as well as a vestibule. Furthermore, these rooms are also inter-connected on the west-east line.
  5. The portraits and sculptures of Khajuraho temple represent the various manifestations of Shakti and Shiva or the Yin and Yang, the female and male principles.
  6. The Khajuraho Temples are actually divided into three groups- Western, Eastern, and Southern. These temples were built around the medieval period and not until the 20th century were they discovered and preserved.
  7. The temples of Khajuraho are believed to be the masterwork of an Indian Architectural Genius during the Medieval times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Khajuraho Temple:

  • How to reach Khajuraho from Mumbai?

The fastest way to reach Khajuraho is to take flight from Mumbai to Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport and then to Khajuraho which takes around 5 hours. 

The best way is to take a train from Mumbai to Katni and then a cab to Khajuraho which takes around 21 hours.

  • Which is the best homestay near KhajurahoTemple?

The Sunhouse homestay has the most promising reviews around the Internet. It has all the basic facilities with great service at affordable prices.

  • How to reach Khajuraho from Indore?

Train no. 19663 Khajuraho- Indore Express takes 14 hours and 15 minutes to complete its journey between Khajuraho and Indore and this train runs from Indore on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday and then runs from Khajuraho on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

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