Marvelous Mysore Palace: Best Travel Guide In 2020

Marvelous Mysore Palace: Best Travel Guide In 2020 1

Growing up, we all have dreamt about living in palaces. The royal life brings with itself many perks and one of them is having a magnificent palace as your home. Grand doorways, spacious halls, intricate wall carving, and exquisite architecture are evident at all royal palaces and residences.

One such grand palace and one of India’s most visited monument is the Amba Vilas Palace or popularly called as Mysore palace, located in Mysuru(traditional and local name of Mysore), in the state of Karnataka.

History of Mysore Palace

Marvelous Mysore Palace: Best Travel Guide In 2020 2

The Amba Vilas Palace is a historical palace and the official royal residence of the Wadiyar Dynasty.

The Wodeyar dynasty tightened its grip around the southern mainland post-Tipu Sultan’s demise. Maharaja Krishnaraj Wodeyar immediately declared Mysore as the capital and eventually came under the control of the British.

It was under the British rule, the royal name of the dynasty was changed from Wodeyar to Wadiya by his successor.

In the Year 1897, amidst the celebrations of a royal wedding, the palace was destroyed in a blazing fire. Subsequently, Maharaja Krishnaraja IV commissioned Lord Henry Irwin, a British architect, to construct a new palace.

The palace was completely built by 1912 at the cost of approximately Rs 42 lakhs and the further expansion was carried under Jayachamarajendra, the last Maharaja of Mysore.

The Architecture of Mysore Palace:

The palace is built facing the Chamundi hills as a manifestation of the devotion of the royals of Mysore towards goddess Chamundi.

The three-storeyed palace made of stone with marble domes and a 145ft tall five-storeyed tower is built in Indo-Saracenic architectural style, which is a harmonious blend on Hindu, Muslim, and gothic style of architecture.

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Marvelous Mysore Palace: Best Travel Guide In 2020 3

It has three gates towards the east (open during Dussera for VVIP’s), west and south(open for the general public). The palace has many secret tunnels leading to Srirangpatna and other safe places in order to ensure the safety of the royals.

The palace’s Darbar Hall or ‘Diwan-I-Am’ is a 155ft high public hall that was used for public announcements. Amba Vila’s private hall welcomes you with a grand doorway carved out of rosewood.

It was the place where the king held his private meetings. Adding to the glory of Amba Vilas is the ‘Kalyan Mandapa’, the wedding hall is an octagonal shaped hall with glass ceiling adorned with kaleidoscope-like design and glazed tile flooring.

How To Reach Mysore Palace? 

Mysore palace lies in the Heart of city Mysuru. One can reach Mysore in several different ways:

By Railways:

There are direct trains from Banglore to Mysore that cover the distance in three hours. Hence one can alight at Bangalore railway station and catch a train to Mysore.

By Airways:

The nearest airport is the new Bangalore airport which is 170 kilometres away from Mysore. Bangalore is very well connected to Mysore and one can take buses or taxis to reach Mysore

By Roadways:

Once in Mysore, once can take KSRTC, The public bus transport or alternatively hire a rickshaw till the palace.

Best Time To Visit Mysore Palace:

mysore palace

The best time to visit Mysore Palace is during Dussera celebrations when the entire palace is illuminated with lights and adorned in a golden hue.

If you aren’t travelling during Dussera, but you wish to see the magnificent lighting of the palace, you must arrange your trip to the palace around Sundays or any public holiday.

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The palace is lit with beautiful golden lights on Sundays and public holidays which becomes a sight for sore eyes.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling during the weekdays, you can attend the 45 minutes long light and sound show that depicts 400 years of history of Mysore.

From Monday to Wednesday the show is in Kannada and from Thursday to Friday the show takes place in English.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mysore Palace:

Marvelous Mysore Palace: Best Travel Guide In 2020 4Q. Where is Mysore Palace?

A. Mysore Palace is in the city of Mysore in the state Karnataka.

Q. Who built Mysore Palace?

A. Mysore Palace was constructed by a British architect Lord Henry Irwin, under the then King of Mysore, Maharaja Krishnaraj Wadiyar IV.

Q.Which city is nearest to Mysore?

A. Bangalore city is nearest to Mysore which is 144 kilometres away

Q. What is the Mysore palace visiting time?

A. Mysore Palace entrance is allowed for tourists on weekdays from 10 AM to 5.30 PM. The tickets are issued at the palace entrance from 10 AM to 5.30 pm.

Q. What are the tickets prices to visit Mysore Palace?

A. For Indian or Foreign adults, the ticket price is INR Rs.70 and for children above 10 years and below 18 years the ticket price is INR Rs.30. There are separate charges for filmography and videography.

Q. When can I see Mysore palace lighting?

A. You can see the Mysore palace lighting on Sundays and public holidays at 7 PM.

Q. When can I attend Mysore Palace Light and sound show?

A. The Light and sound show is conducted on all days at 7 PM at the palace except Sundays and public holidays.

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