Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes

Not a travel planner in mind and neither do I timely update my bucket list which covers all my dream destinations.

Instead what I do have is just a Name which always pops up in mind passing through my heart is undeniable” Leh Ladakh “. I would not be wrong to say that this cosmic beauty is the only union territory of India which is widely being titled” The Cold Desert of India 

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 1

Whereas Leh, on the other hand, is a town situated in Leh District, one of the most remote areas of the Indian governed portion of Kashmir.

But this location is not renowned certainly for its UT status only instead it is famous for its unmatched beauty, existing Tibetian culture, high altitude lakes, moon coloured soil, mysterious gravity hill, colour-changing mountain passes, and much more.

Let me start with detailed information of this Nature’s Paradise on Earth which we prefer calling as Leh Ladakh

 Leh Ladakh “The historical capital of Himachal “

 We all have several names in our mind in terms of aesthetic locations across the globe but if someone would ask me then it will be surely” Leh Ladakh ” in this living world and I can say that as Nowadays it can be proclaimed as one of the most sought after places popularly in India and well known across the globe. This heavenly creation of god is every traveller one of the most cherished dreams.

Every piece of nature existing in this place has some of its specifically defining things and a story to tell. Who would not like to update bucket list by adding this name, honestly speaking I would not even dare to left my list unmodified with this cosmic addition.

How to Reach Leh Ladakh?  

Before I get started with my thoughts over this secretly captive child of God, let me provide you guys with some essential details about the easiest way to travel to Leh Ladakh.

Enroute Airport

There are multiple ways of planning to reach out to this Region but one of the best ways to travel to this moon land is taking a flight, It isn’t incorrect to say that” Reaching to the moon by taking a flight ” and its little funny.

Fortunately, there is direct connectivity to Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport commonly known as the” Leh Airport ” from popular destinations namely Chandigarh, Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc.

Different flights flying to the location during the peak season and offseason. But there might be changes in flights during the extreme weather which is winter for this cold desert.

The Airport is well connected with major cities in the country as mentioned previously. Basic Airport facilities like baggage services and shops, eateries, and phone booths are there at the Leh Airport.

Nearby Airports To Leh Ladakh: Gaggal Airport, Chandigarh Airport, Kullu Manali Airport, Srinagar Airport, Satwari Airport, Raja Sansi Airport & the very popular Shimla Airport.

Enroute Railways

The railway is considered as the best option to reach Ladakh and a traveller can get many trains from the railway station to reach their exact destination. People who wish to travel by train must know about the railway station and the available train routes.

The nearest railway station to Ladakh is Jammu Tawi which is located at a distance of 700 km from Ladakh and well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Delhi, and other major cities of India.

You will enjoy a picturesque journey if you choose your journey by train. You can find the train scheduled on the government website and can approach travel agents as well.  

Nearby Railway Station to Leh: Jammu Railway Station, Shimla Railway station, Delhi, and Chandigarh Railway Station.

 Enroute Road: 

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 2Leh is very well connected with public transport buses both with Manali and Srinagar. And both the destinations are very well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh. one can easily travel by transport buses both public and private. 

The public transport bus service like HRTC and JKSRTC can be the best choice for a budgeted trip. But If you are a true traveller and you are driven by that traveller’s spirit to explore any destination is not so easy but a challenging way to reach out that place then you will be interested in hitting the road through your bikes or a four-wheel whatever suits you the best.

We can not deny the fact that almost every traveller dreams to ride through that beautiful region. Nowadays a self Drive trip to Ladakh is very much in trend. But for that one should consider the weather condition and route before they head out.

Nearby Bus Station to Leh Ladakh – Srinagar and Manali.

Nearby Roadways to Leh Ladakh:

Route 1: Chandigarh – Manali – Jispa – Leh Ladakh – Delhi

Route 2: Srinagar – Kargil – Leh Ladakh – Delhi

Route 3: Amritsar – Dharamshala – Manali – Jispa – Leh Ladakh – Delhi

Route 4: Delhi – Leh Ladakh – Khardung La – Nubra Valley – Chang La – Tso Pangong – Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Tanglang La – Leh Ladakh – Delhi

Route 5: Srinagar – Kargil – Leh Ladakh – Khardung La – Nubra Valley – Chang La – Tso Pangong – Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Tanglang La – Sarchu–Manali – Chandigarh

Must-See Places In Leh Ladakh:

1. Shanti Stupa: A White Dome facing the Leh Palace

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 3Even being a Buddhist kingdom this majestic place can effortlessly manage to warmly attract people all over the world towards its alluring nature. It is a Buddhist white-domed Stupa on a hilltop of chanas, Leh District.

A devotee who is looking for peace and serenity in the laps of nature or a student / professional looking for architectural facts. To start in the context of design and structure one shall not forget the ingenious construction of “Shanti Stupa “

The white wall surrounded not only captivates the craft lovers but also the devotees who are in search of peace and so as the Spituk Monastery which is magnificent in creativity and art.

 2.Magnetic Hill: A Mystery unsolved

With all due respect to the mysterious side of this part Called “Magnetic Hill” also knows as Gravity hill.How one can ignore the fact that it is among the major tourist attractions to this place and Why it would not be as there are plenty of tempting theories backing this strange Wonder of Nature.

 Few are scientifically logical and some are based on superstition But Come on ! who wants to get perplexed in all this if you have so much to behold to this beauty in your eyes.

3.Kargil War Memorial:

Although the Magnificently Mesmerizing work of nature is enough to do justification to this land But what enhances it more is the evoking feeling of nationalism and patriotism that one acknowledges by visiting the” Kargil war memorial “

The memorial which has descriptive pictures and short lines on Respected Army officers who lost their lives during the war and together makes it all even more worth.

4.Pangong Lake: Worlds Highest Brackish Lake

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 4For me, it is formidable to choose the best attraction in Leh Ladakh. Still, I would like to take the liberty to be prejudiced towards this Endorheic lake as my personal favourite.

A sheer astounding creation of nature, the lake of changing colours but my heart always goes for the Blue one and when you gaze at this it looks like that the rocks have been protecting it as a guard appointed by God. 

Also How unusual sound it would be to the ears when they simultaneously whisper.

5.Nubra Valley: A Tributary of Shyok River

Moreover when I look at the “ Nubra Valley “ all I could say is that it would not be breathtaking for me unlike other people instead it will be more like feeling and listening to each breath of mine. 

One does not have to pursue towards the valley for the ravishing sight but to sit down and quietly let that cool breeze suffice for your hunger.

Best Trekking Spots In Leh Ladakh: 

Besides its Sheer beauty, Leh Ladakh also promises you an adrenaline rush with its diverse trekking points. Here I present the best among them.

Easy treks for the beginners in Leh Ladakh

 Now talking about the Adventure what could be a smart choice than the tracking spot in “KhardungLa Top. It can give an adrenaline rush to adventure freaks like me.

I mean how often you would get the chance to cross through the highest motorable pass in the world. And with no disappointment to the mild adventure lover, there are some thrill rides too like 1. Lamayuru To Alchi Trek, 2. Ripchar Valley Trek Taglang La, Wari la and Lachang la, etc.

Moderate treks for the adventurous travellers in Leh Ladakh

For the ones who like such thrilling rides but keeping their safety in mind would choose this alternative which is the Markha valley and Lamayuru to Stok kangri trek. But these treks are recommended to those who have prior experience of trekking in Ladakh.

Challenging treks for the pros in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 5And here comes the highly stimulating one for the adventure Freaks. These Four treks are for the professional trekkers only as they are highly dangerous to do if you are not a professional trekker.

It requires both mental and physical strength to pursue these treks. Lastly and more important this expedition needs constant acclimatization to this unsettling temperature.

The four above mentioned treks are Chadar – Frozen River trek, Juhunglum Hemis to Padum Trek, Zanskar trek, and Snow leopard trek.

Leh Ladakh Weather Guide 2020

As Charles M Blow said “ There is no wrong time to do the right thing “ so keeping that in mind I would say anytime could be the best time to see this wonder as the scenic view of Leh Ladakh is not dependable on time. But the unpredictable weather of this place makes it clear to travel there according to the season.

And it differs from person to person also as some travellers would suggest Summer as the best time to visit the place because the weather is delightful and risk-free also.

On the other hand, some would suggest Winter as the period to go there as it has its charm but only a handful of travellers visit the place because the heavy snow makes the weather extreme and the survival tough.

But if you have already put Leh Ladakh in your bucket list then there is no need to have second thoughts based on this weather conditions. And for that, I have some useful information which can help you to plan your trip accordingly.

1.April to Mid May 

April is the inception of Tourist season in Leh Ladakh and the place becomes lively with all kinds of tourist activities. The restaurants, hotels, guest houses and homestays get opened and await the guest.

And the best part to travel during this period is that crucial Srinagar -Leh highway gets to open up leading to a rush of travellers in Ladakh.

2.Mid May to July 

At this time, only the Srinagar -Leh highway opens up which makes it unsuggestive duration to travel. But during the beginning of June, the Manali route opens up along with Rohtang pass.

But the area experiences recurring blockages in the initial week. Meanwhile, it will be suitable to travel before the monsoon appears and the weather is cool at that time.

Not to mention that the roads are bound with snow walls around Rohtang and fewer times Baralacha pass too. Although there are many incredible snow views to see.

However, due to snow melting a traveller has to go through high water crossings.

3.August To Mid September

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide 2020 :Lets Get Lost In Landscapes 6This duration marks the inception of the rainy season and travelling at this time can be a little Risky although this season sufficiently adds to the incomparable beauty of this place.

But Leh Ladakh is called a rain shadow so it doesn’t get much rainfall so tourists can visit at this time but at their own risk as heavy water crossings, blocks and dangerous landslides are very common during this time.

Nonetheless, the climate of this Rainshadow keeps on fluctuating from time to time which makes this place reachable for travellers around the world without being worried about the weather before planning their trip.

And even though Leh Ladakh has faced heavy rains and overcast weather conditions it did not prove to be drastic. 

4.Mid-September to Mid-October

Well, If I could be given a chance to suggest the best time to witness this mysterious beauty at its best self then it will be unarguably this season. It is when the rainfall almost leads to end which is followed by the beginning of winters.

The place gets completely impregnated with wonderful colours quickly through Srinagar Leh as well as Manali Leh Roads.

The road conditions get much better and the aftercare of these locations is almost complete by then. The Above details about this specific duration contribute to making this time as the right one to pay your visit.

5.Mid October to Mid November

This period of late October and early November is the period when the cold gets settled into Himalayan trans entirely with subzero temperatures at almost all places above 14000 feet specifically the Manali Leh Highway and the high altitude lakes.

It is very common to find difficulties in Restaurants, hotels, and guest houses as mostly they get closed and even the residentials also leave the place and reappear at the time of summer.

And talking about the Manali Route, even being kept open, they are usually not recommendable to pass through them and the reason behind is to avoid the extreme chill.

6.Mid-November to March.

leh-ladakh-iceThis is undoubtedly the coldest season in Leh Ladakh when this union territory is cut off from the rest of India by Road. Although the roads to Pangong Lake and Nubra valley over Khardungla la pass and Changla pass are open year-round except the few days of snowfall.

The atmosphere gets unsuitable for survival. The rib chilling temperature from Maximum 2° C in the beginning easily drops to Minimum 5° C at the end of March.

As only a handful of travellers dares the place at this time, you can easily find most of the spots empty as it is not a tourist season. This will give you a chance to explore the places on your own and can add a whole different experience to your trip.

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The supreme nature of Leh Ladakh is no secret to travellers. But When it comes to feeding your spirit through travelling then all such terms like weather conditions, bone-chilling winters, recurring landslides, and roadblocks can not stop you.

The one who is a true wanderlust intends to see all such things as a treat to their eyes and soul to their heart.

To sum up all in one sentence then I would say that “ he who climbs the highest mountain laughs at all the tragedies real or imaginary.

–a Guest Post Submission By Avinash Rajput

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