Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now

Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now 1

Siti Valley, located high in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh is a Cold Desert Mountain with mesmerising White Snow-covered scenery. The name “SPITI” means “The land in the Middle” here signifying land between Tibet and India.

Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now 2

Spiti Valley is a must-visit for Traveller and Adventure geeks and Nature and Photography Enthusiasts. The Whiteness of the valley will make one’s soul experience the real inner joy and contentment.

Let’s quickly drive through the post

Winter Spiti Valley Tour Itinerary


Day 01 – Arrive at Narkanda, Base camp

Day 02 – Narkanda to Kalpa

Day 03 – Kalpa to Tabo via Nako

Day 04 – Tabo to Kaza

Day 05 – Kaza (Kee Monastery and Kibber)

Day 06 – Kaza to Pooh

Day 07 – Pooh to Narkanda


| 2760mts |

Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now 3Narkanda is a small snow town in Shimla hills, with a Ski slope and full with apple estates is just 70 km from Shimla. The snow-covered valley, house and farms make it a good place for acclimatizing for the Spiti trip.

Within snow-covered pine trees and mountains, one can experience camping with a bonfire and local delicacies and capture the moments of this lesser-explored beauty, Narkanda.


| 162 km | 08-10 hrs| 2960mts |

The most beautiful part about this settlement is – how magically the Buddhist and Hindu worshipping complexes were fused architecturally and in belief. One can see the entire Kinnaur Kailash mountain range in the background of the town. The streets are studded with Kinnauri apples, apricots and kind people.

  • One can start the journey after having breakfast to Kinnaur Valley, the Tribal District of Himachal with all modern facilities
  • The mystic view of Snow Laden Kinner Kailash Ranges will give you a soothing feel on arrival at Kalpa check in to your rooms.



TABO monastry

Founded in the 996 AD the Tabo Gompa is the Oldest and Largest Monastery in the Spiti Valley. The monastery was also known as the “Ajanta and Ellora of Himalaya”. Tabo village is one of the finest settlements in the Spiti valley.

After having breakfast, one must visit Kalpa Buddhist and Hindu temple complex. Walking around the breezy terraces overlooking the town and watching the drama in the narrow streets.

Further, drive towards Spiti Valley via covering Roghi Cliff and Roghi village in Kalpa.

After crossing “Tinku Glacier’ and then Khab Bridge (A gateway to Spiti Valley) one will reach Nako,  After reaching Nako one should visit Nako Frozen Lake and Monastery.

After an Adventurous drive check in to your cosy and comfy rooms at Tabo.


| 50 km | 04 – 06 hours | 3800mts |

Snowy Peaks - KAZA, Himachal Pradesh

Kaza or Kaja as the locals say is the headquarters of Spiti Valley in the Lahaul and Spiti district. The city is well developed with almost all infrastructures amidst dry cold deserts as context.

  • Early morning, gear up with your cameras to visit the Oldest Monastery of Spiti Valley. Experience the feel of Buddhist prayer on an early chilli morning at Tabo Gompa.
  • After breakfast depart for Kaza – the biggest settlement of Spiti. You will find some small tea stalls and few shops open there.
  • The best host of Kaza homestay will welcome you there.


| 66 km | 7-9 hrs | 4205mts |

Beyond Kaza, the landscape is studded with some small settlements at a god forbidden altitude. These places still bear a post office, a police station, school, primary health department and a bus stand, functioning like in your city. This area has been declared as a fossil spotting site, taking one back to the history of medieval time.

Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now 4These clusters are spread along the contours, with dwarfed mud structures made from the context itself. The first sight of these settlements from far away leaves a person speechless, and then a storyteller!

  • After breakfast depart from Kaza into real Spiti. Head to Langza, Hikkim and Kaumik in a circuit and have a chance to buy some fossils from the locals.
  • Head to the very iconic Key monastery. Located at an altitude of 4166 meters, was founded back in the 11th century. Alongside Spiti River, the monastery has an entire complex for llamas to live, study and practice.
  • Get back to your cosy nests in the evening and enjoy the local and delicious cuisine of Spiti.


| 202kms | 8-10 hrs | 2837mts |

Pooh is known for its natural environment, apricot orchards and almond trees. It was also an important trading centre in the early 11th century. Pooh will be our night Halt on our return journey from Spiti valley. A perfect Hilltop settlement with the view of calm flowing winter Sutlej river and snow-covered valley.

  • After breakfast warm up your vehicle for a long snow drive.
  • A complete day to feel the adventure of snow driving. Photography on the way and experience of fresh snowfall.


Winter Spiti Valley Expedition 2020-Best Tour Itinerary | Book Now 5Traveller can head back to Narkanda after having breakfast. One should go Via Rampur Bushehr an old settlement on the left bank of river Sutlej while retreating to this last leg of Spiti expedition.

Please Note:

  • Traveller must well plan or plan with a tour company which can be an added advantage of connecting with fellow travellers.
  • The itinerary is subjected to changes according to climatic and weather conditions during the trip. During any natural calamity or detour, kindly listen to your experienced Trip Leader and follow his directions.
  • Carry your water bottles which can be refilled at every stay and stop. Try and eliminate buying packaged water bottles to help reduce plastic disposal.
  • Carry dry snacks, dry fruits, and chocolates with you always.
  • For self-drive vehicle carry your snow chains and antifreeze for Diesel.

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