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At whatever point I have an urge for going on an excursion there is constantly one spot that pops first in my brain above all- Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Everybody on the telephone was yelling and setting up their thoughts to go to Dharamshala or Dalhousie or someplace there. Even after a long discussion, we end up deciding nothing good. We as a whole tramp’s joined each other at Chandigarh. We decided to go by car but on the other hand, were not yet ready with a plan. I called my friend from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh to ask him about one good place. A destination that will be something new to encounter and a spot to unwind. He said visit Barot its pleasant peaceful place you’ll like in addition has turned into a rising place of interest for travellers.

He was in every case great at suggestions we believe, so we took it. The Google map was on, we began our trip to Barot. We began from Chandigarh in the morning at around 8 am. We came to Palampur in the night it was at that point around a 12-hour adventure and a glimpse of natural beauty. The weather in Palampur was delightful around 19-25° Celsius and best for sightseeing. We ask locals from Palampur, whether to continue for Barot in the night? They recommended to stay and begin toward the beginning of the day. Therefore we all agreed to take rest and began again in the morning with fresh faces the rest was truly necessary for our patient riders.

How to reach Barot:

Barot was simply around a 4-hour journey from Palampur however the roads one should be extremely cautious on them. It was like the narrow street for just one vehicle to pass at once it could be slightly hard for non- resident who could drive without being worried about roads. You can also go by other means of transport like railway and air. The closest aeroplane terminal to Barot is the Kullu air terminal and the Jogindernagar rail line station is the closest rail association with this spot.

About Barot:

Barot is a great spot for Valley trek, camping, and fishing. This enticing town is situated in the quiet valleys of the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Barot is 67 kilometres away from Mandi. On the off chance that you are an explorer, this goal is flawless to rucksack through for a day or so. The beautiful scenes are dazzling, and the unpolluted air draws traveller from over the world for touring and significantly more.

History of Barot:

At around 1920, the Barot came into the spotlight when the Shanan Hydroelectric Project was proposed in India. It was mainly to utilize the hydroelectric potential of River Uhl from that point forward that the town has additionally been considered as a vacationer goal. Numbers of trekking trails pass through this valley to Bada Bhangal, Kullu, Manali, Billing, and Kothi. Best known is the Barot to Kothi trek which is a 13-kilometre trek passing through the forests. Its such quiet surroundings that make travellers forget their problem and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Barot Valley Camping:

Thandi Golai camping is the major attraction for which tourists come to attain peace. It is 1.5 kilometres away from the main market of Barot. It seemed to be the most undisturbed place where one feels like resting in the arms of nature forever.

Shanan Hydel Project:

The major reason for the development of the Barot Valley is the first-ever hydro project in India in Megawatt capacity and was created by the Britishers with the king of Jogindernagar. At present, it is under the control of the Punjab State Electricity Board.

The Journey

When we entered Barot trust me it was like “a trekker’s paradise” and you will be amazed by its scenic beauty. The normal yearly temperature is near 16°C. You can visit Barot at any time of the year except for monsoons because the area receives heavy rainfall due to surrounding dense forests. The people of the Barot were openly accepting the traveller to come and visit their place. You can find lush green trees on the one side and River Uhl on the other. The view is amazing it makes you feel like you are in heaven.

Day 1 at Barot:

We arrived at a place to stay and for camping close to the waterway side. We took a glance at the place around, went in the stream water it was freezing in 0-4 degrees. You can’t remain for long in that chill water yet it is wonderful to be in the water you can feel trembling body cool which makes you refreshed afterwards. we chose to stay in a tent. People there keen about maintaining their property so the arrangements were amazing and hygienic. They were so glad to help you out and give the best administration.

At night around 7-8, we began campfire and as it isn’t that known so you won’t discover many voyagers or family at a solitary spot. We were 11 individuals so it was fun and got joined by a couple of more adventurer later. There were music, dance and delicious food we were enjoying every moment. We were talking, sharing good old days memories cherishing the present. Almost at around 11, everyone was worn out of dancing singing and playing the guitar. There was a pleasing moment where you could feel the cold breeze, the sound of the river stream and surrounded by delightful nature. You could see the stars in the sky shining one could only envision what internal harmony and ecstasy we felt right then and there. By 12 we all went back to our tent for a good nap as the next day was all set for adventure.

Day 2 at Barot:

The very next day we went on a morning trek from lavish green woods to explore the town market. It has just rained a day before we came so nature was all crisp shining with daylight. After the morning meal it was the ideal opportunity for some adventure sports like rock climbing, can say junior flying fox and rope climbing. You can likewise go for paragliding. After an extraordinary diligent work and fun, we sadly had to part from the awesome spot. We bid farewell for some time however will be back soon to explore more what is unexplored.

I have heard people calling it among virgin travel destinations. This is the place to be in the midst of the alluring state of Himachal Pradesh. This village is small in size. It is filled with wonders of nature, its unexplored and unexploited landscapes.  You could find a variety of flora and fauna that you have not known of. You can either choose to walk through the woods to visit the nearby places and market to experience the charm of the village and the people of Barot. Such places give you experience serenity that will make you stay there forever.

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